Variable Object

Describes the JSON object of a Variable.

A Variable in Ubidots can store one or more data points. Variables are the most granular entity and can either be raw or synthetic.

idStringId of Variable
labelStringLabel of Variable
nameStringName of Variable
createdAtStringDate Variable was created
syntheticExpressionStringSynthethic Expression of a the Synthetic Variable
descriptionStringDescription of Device
deviceObjectDevice it belongs to
lastActivityNumberDate of of Variable's last activity
lastValueObjectLast value of the Variable
propertiesObjectProperties of Variable, including support for:
- _color: Variable's color in #rrggbb hexadecimal format.
- _icon: Font Awesome name of Variable's icon.
- minimum_value: Variable's minimum value of allowed values.
- maximum_value: Variable's maximum value of allowed values.
tagsString ArrayTags of Device
typeString"raw" or "synthetic"
unitStringUnit of Variable, can be anything
urlStringUrl of Variable
valuesUrlStringURL of Values of the Variable
            "createdAt": "2019-12-18T14:38:38.354415Z",
            "syntheticExpression": "",
            "description": "",
            "device": {
                "id": "6e309da44fc8455a9cceb5aa",
                "label": "first-device",
                "name": "First Device",
                "url": ""
            "icon": "",
            "id": "781b33e657aa5dfa39e69391",
            "label": "first-variable",
            "lastActivity": null,
            "lastValue": {},
            "name": "First Variable",
            "properties": {
              	"_color": "#2FBD68",
                "_icon": "raindrops"
            "tags": [],
            "type": "raw",
            "unit": null,
            "url": "",
            "valuesUrl": ""