Bulk Create Event

This endpoint creates multiple new Events.


To create one or more specific attributes of many Event(s) please make a POST request to the following URL:


Query Parameters

tokenStringAuthenticationAuthentication Token can optionally be sent as a query parameter.

Body Parameters

ParameterTypeRequired?Default ValueDescription
labelStringYesN/A (required)API label of Event
nameStringNoSame as labelName of Event
descriptionStringNo""Description of Event
tagsString ArrayNo[]Tags of Event
organization<organization_key>NonullKey of Organization (Id or Label)
triggersArray of Object ArrayYesN/A (required)Triggers of Event
actionsObject ArrayYesN/A (required)Actions of Event
isActiveBooleanNoTrueIs True when Event is active
activeDatesObjectYesN/A (required)All Active Dates of Event
isGlobalEventBooleanNoFalseTrue if Event is a global event


X-Auth-TokenStringAuthentication Token of account
X-Bulk-OperationBooleanNeed to be set to True for the bulk operation to work
Content-TypeString (application/json)Content type of bod
curl -X POST 'https://industrial.api.ubidots.com/api/v2.0/events/_/bulk/create/' \
 -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
 -H 'X-Auth-Token: oaXBo6ODhIjPsusNRPUGIK4d72bc73' \
 -d '[
        "label": "Event 1",
        "triggers": [
                    "type": "last_value",
                    "condition": {
                        "type": "value",
                        "value": "0",
                        "operator": "==",
                        "delay": 0.0
                    "entity": {
                        "type": "variable",
                        "value": [
                                "id": "6492276d7ca5cf4fc79cba26"
                        "operator": "or"
        "label": "Event 4",
        "actions": [
                "type": "email",
                "name": "Send Email",
                "data": {
                    "emails": [
                        "[email protected]"
                    "message": "Hey there, {{variable.name}} was {{last_value}} at {{trigger_timestamp|timestampformat('America/Bogota')}}.",
                    "subject": "{{variable.name}} alert!"
                "back_to_normal": false,
                "idGroupAction": "0pdrfbm4a"
  "task": {
    "id": "tyg54645501a9ca5714e7b098721"
    "code": 400001,
    "message": "Validation Error.",
    "detail": {
    "code": 401001,
    "message": "Authentication credentials were not provided.",
    "detail": "Authentication credentials were not provided."
    "detail": "Header `X-BULK-OPERATION` should be provided for bulk operation."


Returns an Event object of the Bulk Event created.