Bulk Operations

This section explains what's required for running a Bulk Operation.

Bulk Operation are a powerful tool to create, edit, or delete multiple instances of an entity.

To make sure this power is used optimally and intentionally we added a security measure to prevent accidental usage of bulk endpoints.


Bulk Operations are Asynchronous

Please note, that all bulk API calls are asynchronous processes, hence the response is a Task Id.

To use any bulk endpoint the following header attribute is required: X-Bulk-Operation: True

Header of Bulk API Call

   "X-Bulk-Operation": "True"


True = true

Thankfully it's possible to send True, true, TRUE, or if you prefer TrUe. Don't worry, we can handle all of them.


Missing Header

Trying to run a bulk operation without the X-Bulk-Operation header results in the following error
{ "detail": "Header X-BULK-OPERATION should be provided for bulk operation." }