Device Type Object

Describes the JSON object of a Device Type.

A Device Type in Ubidots can store parameters that can be applied to a new Device upon creation.

idStringId of Device Type
labelStringLabel of Device Type
nameStringName of Device Type
createdAtStringDate Device Type was created
descriptionStringDescription of Device Type
deviceColorStringHTML Color of Device Type
deviceIconStringDevice Type Icon
variableColorStringHTML Color of Variables
syntheticVariableColorStringHTML Color of Synthetic Variables
variablesString ArrayList of Variable Ids that belong to the Device Type
propertiesArrayProperties of Device Type
tasksArrayTasks of Device Type
urlStringUrl of Device Type
    "url": "",
    "id": "5e1f7e5789f9bd7c4e7f1e2c",
    "name": "el type aquel",
    "label": "el-type-quel",
    "description": "La description aquella",
    "deviceColor": "#3BA9F5",
    "deviceIcon": "pencil",
    "variableColor": "#FFAE58",
    "syntheticVariableColor": "#",
    "variables": [],
    "properties": [],
    "tasks": [],
    "createdAt": "2020-01-15T21:04:23.602975Z"