Update Organization

This endpoint updates all fields of the Organization specified in the body.


Updating a Single Field

To update only a single field of an Organization, please use the PATCH method with the parameters that need to be changed.


To update all attributes of an Organization please make a PUT request to the following URL:


Path Parameters

organization_keyStringThe id or label of the Organization, label should use the prefix ~

Query Parameters

tokenStringAuthenticationAuthentication Token can optionally be sent as a query parameter.

Body Parameters

ParameterTypeRequired?Default ValueDescription
labelStringYesN/A (required)The API label of Organization
nameStringNoSame as labelName of the Organization
descriptionStringNo""Description of Organization
faviconImage FileNonullIcon of Organization. How to update the favicon
logoImage FileNonullLogo of Organization. How to update the logo
propertiesObjectNo{}Organization properties
isActiveBooleanNoTrueIs True when Organization is active
app<app_key>NonullKey of App (id or label)


X-Auth-TokenYesAuthentication Token of account
$ curl -X PUT 'https://industrial.api.ubidots.com/api/v2.0/organizations/<organization_key>' \
 -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
 -H 'X-Auth-Token: oaXBo6ODhIjPsusNRPUGIK4d72bc73' \
 -d '{
    "label": "variable2",
    "name": "Variable 2",
    "description": "my variable 2",
    "tags": ["blue", "yellow"],
    "properties": {}
    "app": null,
    "createdAt": "2020-01-01T14:05:55.471155Z",
    "description": "Other Organization",
    "devicesCount": 0,
    "favicon": null,
    "id": "435ab418805c32fa400f",
    "isActive": true,
    "label": "my-second-customer",
    "limits": [
            "actual_value": 0,
            "icon": "hdd-o",
            "max_value": "*",
            "name": "Devices",
            "type": "devices"
            "actual_value": 0,
            "icon": "envelope",
            "max_value": "*",
            "name": "Emails",
            "type": "emails"
            "actual_value": 0,
            "icon": "signal",
            "max_value": "*",
            "name": "Variables",
            "type": "variables"
            "actual_value": 0,
            "icon": "users",
            "max_value": "*",
            "name": "Users",
            "type": "users"
            "actual_value": 0,
            "icon": "spinner",
            "max_value": "*",
            "name": "Dots",
            "type": "dots"
            "actual_value": 0,
            "icon": "mobile-phone",
            "max_value": "*",
            "name": "SMS",
            "type": "sms"
            "actual_value": 0,
            "icon": null,
            "max_value": "*",
            "name": "Voice",
            "type": "voice"
    "logo": null,
    "name": "My Best Customer",
    "properties": {"any": "thing"},
    "usersCount": 0
    "code": 400001,
    "message": "Validation Error.",
    "detail": {
    "code": 401001,
    "message": "Authentication credentials were not provided.",
    "detail": "Authentication credentials were not provided."


Returns an Organization object of the updated Organization.