Ubidots TCP/UDP supports the payload request structure below for retrieving dots values





  • USER_AGENT: Mandatory. Contains a characteristic string that allows to identify the application type, operating system, software vendor or software version of the requesting software user agent. Examples: ESP8266/1.0, Particle/1.2

  • DEVICE_LABEL: Mandatory. The device label to publish values. If it does not exist, Ubidots will create it. Blank spaces are not allowed.
    Examples: Weather-station, living-room

  • VARIABLE_LABEL: Mandatory. The variable label that stores the dot.
    Examples: temperature, wind-speed

  • VARIABLE_ID: Mandatory. The variable unique identifier that stores the dot.
    Examples: 573dc1ee76254241c57a4616

Server Response

ERROR|400 , ERROR|404
  • Valid message: Ubidots will answer Ok| followed by the dot value if the request is correct.

  • Invalid message: Ubidots will answer ERROR|400 if the message is not valid or ERROR|400 if the message contains a variable or device that does not exist.