You can access the API through plain MQTT or secure MQTT with TLS, using the following endpoints based on your Ubidots Account type:



In the past, Ubidots used to support industrial, educational and STEM users through the endpoint As this endpoint will only be supported a limited time, we strongly advise you to update to the industrial endpoints listed below, without difference of the license type that you own.


SecurityUbidots AccountEndpointPort
No TLSIndustrialindustrial.api.ubidots.com1883

You can download the Ubidots PEM certificate for TLS here

Security Note: We strongly advise to use MQTT with TLS to make sure your data travels encrypted, avoiding the exposure of your API token and/or sensor data to third parties.

NOTE: To avoid future inconveniences, we advise to use both certificates in your device's auth routines. While the first one is the current valid certificate, we may change this after 2021.

Fixed IPs

Ubidots also supports fixed IPs address for data ingestion, but we highly advise to our users to implement their firmware routines using the dns endpoints instead of fixed IPs, as these last ones may change in the future.

Ubidots Accountipv4ipv6Port
Industrial / Stem169.55.61.2432607:f0d0:3:b::21883/8883