⚙️Improved TCP/UDP Ingestion

We had been working on a more efficient and reliable way to ingest device data through TCP and UDP. We're now live with a completely renewed TCP/UDP.


📊New dashboard features

Custom device names in dropdown list. "Explore data" option, and more.


🍿Advanced device filters in devices view

Prior to this feature, it was only possible to filter devices by Organizations in the device list. You can now filter devices based on:


😻Repeat Events, and more custom fields inside Events notifications

Repeat an event action several times while the trigger is active.


👥Manage End Users as an End User

As your device fleet grows, you'll eventually find yourself (or someone on your team) dealing with several customer requests, such as provisioning new users every week or so. With the feature "Manage Users as an End User" we've added a new set of permissions so you can entrust this task to your customers, and get back to focusing on growing your IoT Business.


Kepware and Ubidots integration

Given the increasing amount of industrial IoT customers, it only made sense to partner up with global leaders in the shop-floor automation space.


🚀API v2 is here!

Our new API is live! and so is this new documentation portal.