✨ Functions Are Glowing Up

UbiFunctions has quickly become one of our most beloved modules, empowering our users with the flexibility and control required to tailor their IoT data to their needs.

From custom uplink decoders, to scheduled ETLs, to data analysis for predictive scoring, UbiFunctions gives you the superpowers to build sophisticated IoT solutions without the DevOps hassle.

A fresh new design

The new Functions’ UI design modernizes its appearance and prepares it for more upcoming novelties. This new design breaks down functions into three convenient tabs:

  • Code editor: A wider, cleaner look gives you more room to visualize your code, while giving you access to common settings such as the function's URL and runtime.
  • Settings: We migrated all settings to a dedicated view, including the new "environment variables", which can be created using the Global Properties module.
  • Logs: With their own tab, now the execution logs of your functions are not only more prominent but also easier to leverage.

New feature: Custom Cron Schedules

We are thrilled to announce the ability to specify cron jobs for UbiFunctions!

In the new settings tab, you'll find the ability to set custom schedules for your functions. Whether you are looking to automate data extraction/loading from/into 3rd party systems, perform regular data analysis for predictive maintenance, or generate scheduled reports, crontab expressions are here to help you.

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