🖱Adding actions to our values table widget

You can now add "on click" and "on double click" actions to column items in the values table.


🌤Create a virtual weather station in a few clicks (powered by OpenWeather)

Add weather data to your IoT application in just a few clicks.


🛂 Introducing API Rate Limits

Prior to this feature, all of your Ubidots account tokens had a standard 4 req/s rate limit.
However, this rate limit could be easily reached in cases where tokens were used to send data from multiple devices, be it an IoT gateway centralizing data, or a third-party platform such as Particle Cloud or an LNS (LoRaWAN Network server).


⏱Global timestamp for all variables in an MQTT payload

Some customers have expressed the need to reduce the MQTT payload, which could get very large when sending a timestamp value for each variable.


⚡️Zapier integration goes live!

What if your favorite IoT platform could play nice with your favorite apps, and make your IoT deployment easier in the process? That's exactly what our Zapier integration is all about.


🌩Trigger Particle downlinks as Ubidots Event actions

Particle Cloud allows devices to expose custom functions through their Cloud so they can be triggered externally using an API call. With a Particle.function line, a specific code on the device can be run when requested from the cloud API.


🔟Trigger UbiFunctions from Ubidots Events

Set up and trigger UbiFunctions using Ubidots' Events Engine.


⏱Scheduled events: Trigger events at a given time

Be it for agritech, building management, or industrial applications, you can now create multiple schedules in a single Event, such as turning OFF an HVAC system on Friday at 6 PM, and then switch it back ON on Monday at 9 AM.


♒️Monitor almost any US river in just a few clicks

Add streamflow data from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to your IoT application in just a few clicks


📚Official launch of Ubidots STEM

"Ubidots STEM" ( is the evolution of "Ubidots for Education" (, which is not maintained anymore, and will be shut down on January 31st 2021. If you still have an Ubidots for Education account, we strongly encourage you to move your IoT project to Ubidots STEM.