📚Official launch of Ubidots STEM

"Ubidots STEM" ( is the evolution of "Ubidots for Education" (, which is not maintained anymore, and will be shut down on January 31st 2021. If you still have an Ubidots for Education account, we strongly encourage you to move your IoT project to Ubidots STEM.

STEM Limits

As a free product, Ubidots STEM has limited features and capacity:


Limited to non-commercial use ONLY (personal education, IoT research, or DIY projects)


  • Devices: Up to 10 devices. First 3 devices free, then $4.5 / device / month
  • Variables: Up to 10 variables per device.
  • Data Ingestion: 4,000 dots per day across all of your devices
  • Data Extraction: 500,000 dots per day across all of your account (UPDATE: This was originally 50,000, but we increased it following your feedback)
  • Data Rate: 1 request per second, across all of your devices
  • Data Retention: 1 month
  • Dashboards: Up to 3 dashboards, with up to 10 widgets each
  • SMS & Voice calls: 10 SMS and 1 Voice call for free per month (US & Canada only), then standard rates apply
  • Emails: 100 Emails for free per month, then standard rates apply
  • Uptime: No SLA - shared server resources across all STEM users. The speed and reliability is based on total platform requests at any given second.
  • Support: Community-based, or self-service using our Help Center and API Docs


  • Static and Dynamic Dashboards
  • HTTP, MQTT, TCP and UDP protocols
  • SMS, Voice call, Email, WebHook, and Slack Alerts. Telegram messages are not supported.

NOTE: Because Telegram limits the amount of outbound messages per minute, this feature is reserved for our business users only, which allows us to better monitor and preserve the quality of service.

  • Synthetic variables computation (math functions only - data range and advanced functions are not supported).

If you are an educational institution, or non-profit, please note that many of your fellow organizations choose to upgrade to Ubidots commercial licenses seeking one or many of the following:

  • Longer data retention
  • Enable a white-labeled portal for students or researchers to access private accounts
  • Ability to run advanced Synthetic Variables
  • Reliability and/or Support

Thank you to all of our users who, in one way or another, helped shape what Ubidots Education became, and what now Ubidots STEM is. We can't wait to see what you build!