šŸ˜»Repeat Events, and more custom fields inside Events notifications

Repeat an event action several times while the trigger is active.

Repeat Events


If machines (and cats) could talk, they would probably want to repeat some of their messages, just to make sure we heard. With the latest changes in our Events Engine, you can trigger repeating actions and notifications (SMS, Emails, Voice calls, Telegrams, etc.) while event conditions are still met.


The repeat events option can be found below the message text box in most Event actions (SMS, Email, Webhook, Set variable...)

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More Custom Fields inside Events messages

The following Custom Fields were added:

  • Last value: The latest value of the variable that triggered the Event.
  • Last value's timestamp: Date and time of the latest value of the variable that triggered the Event.

The name of the following Custom Fields was edited:

  • Trigger value: The value of the variable that triggered the Event, at the moment of trigger.
  • Trigger timestamp: Date and time at which the Event was triggered.

You can now add "Last value" and "Last value's timestamp" custom fields to your Event messages

Check out our help center article for the full list of supported custom fields: