🏬Manage Organizations as an End User

Allow your end customers to manage Ubidots organizations as well.

A couple of months ago we announced the ability for end users to create and manage other end users on their own. Today, we have taken this a step further by allowing you to expose Organization Management to your customers.

Why would I need this? Let's see an example.

Joe has been providing Power Plants monitoring solutions for manufacturing clients in his region. His customers love how they can access a branded portal, and use real-time dashboards to anticipate failures and ensure continuous power delivery in their factories.


A traditional, Ubidots-powered "B2B2B" IoT value chain

One day, Joe is approached by a leading Power Plants manufacturer "Electric Power Inc" (EP Inc) who wants to embed his solution as a default feature in their Power Plants. This can catapult Joe's business from hundreds to thousands of connected power plants - and with it a 100x revenue increase!
Instead of asking Electric Power Inc to open an Ubidots account, Joe creates a new white-labeled App inside his existing Ubidots account, enables the Organizations management feature, and charges a recurring fee for the entire solution (Hardware+Cloud).


Business model where one of your customers wants to offer recurrent IoT solutions on its own, powered by your technologies.

Under this model, Joe continues to serve EP Inc as his direct customer, while also allowing EP to manage Organizations, Devices, Dashboards, Events and End users for their end customers.

Organizations management is now available to all Industrial and Scale plan customers. If you're on a different plan and would still like to try this out, please let us know.

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