⚡ Improved UbiFunctions

During 2023 we worked on a new architecture for our UbiFunctions module to improve their overall speed and stability.

When you create an UbiFunction for the first time, a lot of things happen backstage. A special container is created with your own code, so it can run every time the function is invoked. Meanwhile, a dedicated API endpoint is generated so you can call your function using HTTP or MQTT. All of this needs to happen in just a few seconds, in order to comply with your reliability and speed expectations.

Additionally, there are now more available runtimes:

  • Node.js 16 Base
  • Node.js 16 Lite
  • Python 3.11 Base
  • Python 3.11 Lite
  • Python 3.9 Base
  • Python 3.9 Lite

Since some of the runtimes are lighter than others, your function may therefore be faster.