✨ Announcing Ubidots plugins

Ubidots Plugins: The simplest way to connect apps and services to the Internet of Things

IoT is mostly about using sensors and actuators to merge the physical with the digital, transforming processes, companies, or even entire industries! However, a vast amount of physical data already resides in the digital domain, be it in the form of APIs, public datasets, or just a spreadsheet in your computer.

This month, we're proud to announce Ubidots Plugins, a new way of connecting apps and services to the Internet of Things. After seeing how creative our own customers could get when coding their UbiFunctions, be it to track live energy prices, solar irradiance, or weather data, we decided to build a new module to easily integrate with external data sources and services.


Launching 6 plugins to start with

What is a Plugin?

A Plugin is an extension of Ubidots' feature set, which is provided by either one of our partners, or the Ubidots team itself.

Plugins come in different flavors, depending on how they reflect in your Ubidots account. Currently, only Data Plugins are supported:

  • Data Plugins: These plugins ingest data from external services, and store it in an Ubidots device.

Other types to be enabled in the future are:

  • Dashboard Plugins: These plugins specify new types of Widgets that can be added to your dashboards.
  • Events Plugins: These plugins specify new types of Event actions, which become available to use within our Events engine module.

Available plugins

Presently, the following Data Plugins are available:

  • AWS IoT: Stream data from your AWS IoT Devices to Ubidots.
  • OpenWeather: Weather conditions for a user-defined location, with data from over 200,000 cities.
  • USGS WaterWatch Service: A U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) service with current water streamflow conditions in the United States. This plugin will create a device with current real-time streamflow conditions from the specified site number.
  • Fixer: Retrieves user-defined exchange rates from Fixer, using your own Fixer API Access Key.
  • Daily Exchange Rates: A free Exchange Rates API for current and historical foreign exchange rates published by the European Central Bank.

Please note that plugins are currently only available to Admin users; your App's end users won't see the "Plugins" option in the Devices menu.

Read our official announcement here: