🚀API v2 is here!

Our new API is live! and so is this new documentation portal.

API v2 is a major leap towards giving you, IoT developers, more control over your deployment. Not only have we added programmatic access to more entities; we've also included some cool features and endpoints to streamline your IoT development:

  • Advanced Filtering and Sorting: Filter devices -and other entities- by name, description, tags, label, create date, properties, and more. Use the "sort_by" parameter to change the order of the response.
  • Bulk Operations: Async operations allow for the creation or update of thousands of entities, without having to wait for a response.
  • Device Provisioning: An exclusive endpoint to create devices and variables with user-defined names, font-awesome-compatible icons, colors, and units - in just a single API request.
  • Dynamic Fields Response: Interested in just a few attributes? Cut through the noise by querying only the specified fields in every API response.
  • API-first Development: CRUD operations for Devices, Variables, Organizations, Device
    Groups, Device Types, and Dashboards. More entities to come.